Mini-site System for AspDotNetStorefront

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Use this exciting plugin to setup additional mini-sites featuring your cart's products on other domains; increasing your market share and inbound links for SEO!
No Source Code needed!
Mini-site System for AspDotNetStorefront - Simple with 1 domain license
Price: $450.00 
Mini-site System for AspDotNetStorefront - Advanced with 1 domain license
Price: $650.00 
Mini-site System for AspDotNetStorefront - Additional domain license
Price: $100.00 
Mini-site System for AspDotNetStorefront - Additional domain licenses - 5 pack
Price: $450.00 
Mini-site System for AspDotNetStorefront - Additional domain licenses - 10 pack
Price: $800.00 
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Perhaps the most important plugin to help your SEO and market presence, Compunix's Mini-site System allows you to setup unlimited additional sites on separate domains using the cart's built in functionality.

How does it work?

Use your cart to setup additional mini sites/site portals; your cart becomes the master and portal sites point back to your cart's product pages:
  1. select the Section/Department of your choice
  2. put the domain you wish the portal to use into the Extension Data field
  3. the Portal System will automatically pick up any requests for that domain and create a separate site running off the Section data - using all the fields and products mapped to that section!

Why Mini-sites?

  • The Mini-site System is an excellent AND inexpensive alternative to multi stores if shopping abilities are not needed on your portal sites!
  • Increase your inbound links and help improve your search engine ranking/SEO
  • No limit to how many portals you can setup; setup a mini-site for each of the additional domains you have
  • Two versions available:
    1) Simple - landing page featuring products and additional information
    2) Advanced - landing pages with featured products AND sub-entity support with filtering and sorting product abilities!
  • Uses Sections by default, but can be run on any other entity (Category, Section, Vector, Genre)
  • Output powered by XmlPackages for complete flexibility in realtime!
  • Full display and CSS control of portals - Compunix can help you custom design/skin your portals too!
AspDotNetStorefront Portal System
See our live demos at:
- (Advanced)
- (Simple)
- (Simple)
- (Landing without Products)
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:Does the mini-site domain name require me to have a hosted site fro each name, or does it just work thru DNS, ect - Robert (07/03/2013)
Response:Robert you will be required to either setup another website in IIS with the appropriate domain binding, or you can simply add the domain binding to your existing IIS entry for the website. Then, just point the DNS for the additional domain(s) to your server/site. I hope this helps?
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