Latest Add-ons and Plugins for AspDotNetStorefront

By popular request, we have created this add-on listing page which lists our latest plugins and add-ons by date:

TaxJar API integration for AspDotNetStorefront

TaxJar automates your sales tax calculations, reporting, and filings in minutes.
Price: $1,650.00 

DHL Shipping Rates API integration for AspDotNetStorefront

Ideal for those shipping internationally, DHL provides international express and freight shipping options.

Proposition 65 modification for AspDotNetStorefront

Offers a product based site warning for those stores affected by Proposition 65.
Price: $549.00 

CSS and JS Bundling (bundles) for AspDotNetStorefront

Would you like to boost your SEO and Google Page Speed rankings? Try bundling your CSS and JS files!
Price: $699.00 

HTTPS Always for AspDotNetStorefront

This modification will allow your MSx store version to run in HTTPS mode all the time.
Price: $150.00 

GDPR Patch for AspDotNetStorefront

Make your MSx - v10 AspDotNetStorefront cart General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] compliant.
Price: $699.00 

Canonical Tags for AspDotNetStorefront

Resolve your duplicate content issues with paged and multi-referenced content in AspDotNetStorefront.
Price: $300.00 

Facebook Pixel tracking for AspDotNetStorefront

The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that helps you measure the effectiveness of your advertising. You can use the Facebook pixel to understand the actions people are taking on your website and reach audiences you care about.
Price: $300.00 

TLS Patch for AspDotNetStorefront

Update the cart's compatibility to work without TLS1.0.
Price: $175.00 

Affirm Integration for AspDotNetStorefront

Give your customers the flexibility to buy now and pay over time. Affirm is a full-featured performance marketing solution for retailers that powers higher conversion, revenue, and customer loyalty, dynamically reframing product prices and cart totals into their equivalent monthly cost.
Price: $2,100.00 

USPS Regional Rates and Commercial/Plus Rates for AspDotNetStorefront

Regional Rate is an ultimate cost-saving USPS mail service that utilizes a shipment's distance to its destination!

Signifyd Integration for AspDotNetStorefront

"With Signifyd Guaranteed Payments you can grow with confidence—and never pay for a chargeback again. Ever. " - Signifyd
Price: $995.00 

Order Timezone Offset for AspDotNetStorefront

Is your server on a different timezone than your accounting? Use this plugin to change the timezone on your Order Dates to local!
Price: $290.00 

UPS Ship API integration for AspDotNetStorefront

Integrate your Shipping Order processing directly with UPS.

FedEx Ship API integration for AspDotNetStorefront

Integrate your Shipping Order processing directly with FedEx.

tweak: Stationary AJAX Refresh Store

Get this tweak to convert your Refresh Store command to stay on the same page your are clicking it from (instead of going to the admin home page)!
Price: $159.99 

Enable Sorting of Sub Entities (add display order management) for MS95x and v10 cart

Add the ability to sort and set the display order of your Categories, Sections, and other Entities.
Price: $450.00 

Enabling Genres in Admin for managing and mapping

Have use enable the Genres Entity/Product Group in your Admin suite. This will also enable the mapping of products to Genres.
Price: $250.00 

ShipWorks Integration for AspDotNetStorefront

Download orders from your online stores and make it easy to get them shipped with a ShipWorks integration for ASpDotNetStorefront.

Store based Product Pricing for AspDotNetStorefront

Setup store specific product prices.
Price: $699.00 
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