Bulk and Batch Updates for AspDotNetStorefront

This category contains Reports for your cart to help administrators bulk update their data.

Bulk Image Importer/Updater for AspDotNetStorefront

Import your product images, or replace your existing product images, in bulk. This add-on also supports alternate product images.
Price: $549.00 

Product to Entity Mapper for AspDotNetStorefront

Allows administrators to map, and unmap, products to all supported cart entities in bulk.
Price: $339.00 

Export/Import Product Data Utility for AspDotNetStorefront

Export and Import product and entity mapping data of large size with this Windows Utility and Excel.
Price: $750.00 

Bulk Product Updater for AspDotNetStorefront

If you have a large number of product changes you would like to make via an Excel file, this is the add-on for you.
Price: $549.00 

Bulk Customer Importer and Updater for AspDotNetStoreFront

Use this bulk customer uploader/importer and updater to import any Excel spreadsheet of customer data into the cart.
Price: $550.00 

Distributor Notifications Emailing Report for AspDotNetStorefront

Use this helpful admin page report to centralize your Distributor and Drop Ship notification emailing.
Price: $370.00 

Get SQL Data Export for AspDotNetStorefront

Would you like to run your own SQL/reports from the cart?
Price: $249.00 

Zip Code Tax Rate Importer for AspDotNetStorefront

Manage and Import Zip Code tax rates in bulk from Excel file.
Price: $300.00 

Bulk Display Order Updater for AspDotNetStorefront

Update the display order and products mappings for any of your entities via Excel file upload.
Price: $270.00 

Bulk Price Adjustment for AspDotNetStorefront

Update product pricing in bulk instead of individually, including Price, Sale Price, MSRP and Cost.
Price: $300.00 

Bulk Product Delete and Nuke for AspDotNetStorefront

Allows administrators to delete or nuke products and variants in bulk.
Price: $270.00 

Bulk Product Publish/Unpublish for AspDotNetStorefront

Allows administrators to publish, and unpublish, products and variants in bulk.
Price: $270.00 
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