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Item Back In Stock Notification

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Once a product is back in stock, an e-mail is sent out to all those subscribed for notification.
No Source Code needed!
Item Back In Stock Notification - Modification installed
Price: $530.00 
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Installation (2-3 days) : Choose this option to have us install the add-on or modification you are purchasing : $195.00
Reviews (4/5)
  • Subscribed consumers are notified through e-mail when a product is back in stock.
  • E-mail's are automatically sent out to all subscribed consumers based on the latest inventory of each product
  • Sign up is built into the simple product xml package (we can also install into non-stock/customized XmlPackages for extra charge)
  • Created specifically for the simple product setup.
  • No use of pop-ups.
  • Style is modifiable through CSS style sheets.
  • Admin report showing all the signups and requests
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:I purchased this add-in a few years ago. Has there been any updates to this tool - specifically to verify that the format of the email is correct? Since there is no 2nd input of the email to verify that the user entered it correctly I think this should be a requirement. We get way too many users entering invalid emails so was hoping there has been some improvements to this add on. Thanks, David - David (09/03/2014)
Response:Hello David, thank you for the feedback. We have added a handy report and other smaller updates since, but have not added a second/confirmation email textbox. I'll have our developers put this in on future releases! Thank you.
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