Filtering and Sorting for AspDotNetStorefront

This category contains modifications and add-ons used for filtering, sorting and searching of your cart.

Checkout Multiple Address Search for AspDotNetStorefront

Help your customers checkout faster than ever by searching through multiple addresses instantly!
Price: $449.00 

xSearch - Extreme Search for AspDotNetStorefront

Inspired by the speed and performance of cSearch, xSearch is designed for larger ecommerce sites that handle more traffic and require greater capacity. xSearch delivers extreme ecommerce search performance!
Price: $950.00 

cSearch - Advanced Search for AspDotNetStorefront

Add advanced search functionality to your AspDotNetStorefront ecommerce site and deliver your customers directly to the product they need. Features include keyword variations, sorting, paging, statistics and more!

NOTE: cSearch is now xSearch for carts v10 and newer
Price: $950.00 

iSearch - Attribute Filters for AspDotNetStorefront

iSearch adds customizable filters to refine search results and quickly find the right product. Built with the speed of AJAX technology, product pages are updated almost instantly. iSearch is a must for ecommerce sites with multiple product categories. Plus, iSearch now works with responsive design.
Price: $950.00 

tSearch - Search as you Type for AspDotNetStorefront

Harness the power of AJAX to deliver your customers to the products the need quickly! Our tSearch add-on displays search results as you type for the ultimate in search efficiency. Maximize customer satisfaction and promote repeat business!
Price: $275.00 

Make Model Year AJAX Filters (MMY or YMM)

The Make Model Year AJAX Filters (MMY) are ideal for any Automotive sites, allowing customers to find products specific for their vehicle.
Price: $950.00 

Product Finder Wizard for AspDotNetStorefront

Offer your customers another great search option with our powerful product finder wizard. This is a great alternative to typical search boxes and encourages customers to explore related products. Create questions, select filtering attributes and the wizard system does the rest!
Price: $370.00 

Dealer/Distributor Locator with Google Maps for AspDotNetStorefront

Allow your customers to easily find your dealers with this Google powered locator.
Price: $550.00 

Dealer/Distributor Locator for AspDotNetStorefront

Use this handy Dealer/Distributor Locator for AspDotNetStorefront to help customers locate your dealers.
Price: $300.00 

Dealer Locator for Post Code Anywhere W/Google Maps

This product finds the closest dealers to the post code of origin by executing a radial search using the Post Code Anywhere service.
Price: $550.00 

Tag Cloud for AspDotNetStrorefront

Are you looking to update your site with Web 2.0 enhancements? Then you may want to start with this Tag Cloud add-on. It allows your customers to search more easily for what they are interested in and will improve your search engine ranking too.
Price: $260.00 

Send Form Captcha for AspDotNetStorefront

Are you receiving spam and automated emails through your forms? This Send Form Captcha add-on will eliminate this problem by requiring users to retype an image text before their form will be submitted.
Price: $300.00 

XML BreadCrumbs for AspDotNetStorefront

This is a pure XML Bread Crumbs XML Package replacement for the cart Bread Crumbs functionallity.
Price: $190.00 

Receipt Order Item Ordering for AspDotNetStorefront

Help your shipping/fulfillment department by being able to order the ordered items appearing on your receipts.
Price: $200.00 

Page Size Control for AspDotNetStorefront XmlPackages

Add the convenience of a Page Size control (number of products page page) to your existing Entity XmlPackages.
Price: $195.00 

Product Compare for AspDotNetStorefront

Do you want to give your customers the ability to compare products side by side? This is the add-on for you.
Price: $645.00 
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