Other Administration for AspDotNetStorefront

This category contains miscellaneous add-ons for site administration.

Dynamic IP bot and intrusion blocker for AspDotNetStorefront

Prevent site attacks by bots or intrusion attempts.
Price: $650.00 

MaxMind minFraud Score API for AspDotNetStorefront

New API upgrade for legacy MaxMind fraud API integrations.
Price: $995.00 

Signifyd Integration for AspDotNetStorefront

"With Signifyd Guaranteed Payments you can grow with confidence—and never pay for a chargeback again. Ever. " - Signifyd
Price: $995.00 

Order Timezone Offset for AspDotNetStorefront

Is your server on a different timezone than your accounting? Use this plugin to change the timezone on your Order Dates to local!
Price: $290.00 

Proposition 65 modification for AspDotNetStorefront

Offers a product based site warning for those stores affected by Proposition 65.
Price: $549.00 

Order Cost Analysis Report and Importer for AspDotNetStorefront

Generate a Cost Analysis Report that will allow you to understand your Gross Profit Margin for each order your store processes.
Price: $299.00 

tweak: Stationary AJAX Refresh Store

Get this tweak to convert your Refresh Store command to stay on the same page your are clicking it from (instead of going to the admin home page)!
Price: $159.99 

Admin Menu Limiter for AspDotNetStorefront

Create unique administrative menus based on customer levels in your cart.
Price: $450.00 

Line Item Shipping and Tracking for AspDotNetStorefront

Extend your cart’s shipping and tracking functionality with separate carrier options and tracking numbers for each item in an order. A must for ecommerce businesses that frequently ship items individually.
Price: $449.00 

Improved Kit Editor for AspDotNetStorefront

This modification provides a much improved replacement Kit Edit page that is more manageable and usable.
Price: $549.00 

Temporary Site Down/Unavailable for AspDotNetStorefront

Ideal add-on for sites that haven't gone live yet but still need to grant access only to certain people (Admins).
Price: $200.00 

Mobile Admin for AspDotNetStorefront

Cart administration on the go with this mobile friendly admin add-on.
Price: $415.00 
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