Reports for AspDotNetStorefront

This category contains Reports for your cart to help administrators better manage their data.

Cart Abandonment Report for AspDotNetStorefront

Get detailed reports about incomplete purchases to help you troubleshoot the checkout process and recover lost sales.
Price: $700.00 

Distributor Notifications Emailing Report for AspDotNetStorefront

Use this helpful admin page report to centralize your Distributor and Drop Ship notification emailing.
Price: $370.00 

Net Sales Report for AspDotNetStorefront

Report that generates Gross, Net, Discount and Total figures on Orders.
Price: $275.00 

Order Cost Analysis Report and Importer for AspDotNetStorefront

Generate a Cost Analysis Report that will allow you to understand your Gross Profit Margin for each order your store processes.
Price: $299.00 

Product Orders Report for AspDotNetStorefront

Report showing who bought the specified products you selected within a time span.
Price: $245.00 

Tax Report for AspDotNetStorefront

A comprehensive tax report for your orders with added state based, tax burden analysis!
Price: $399.00 

Customer Report

This simple customer report includes basic customer information, including shipping and billing addresses.
Price: $195.00 

Missing Images Report for AspDotNetStorefront

Report showing you all products with missing images.
Price: $295.00 

Admin Sales Graph for AspDotNetStorefront

Add a cool and helpful graphing module on your admin home page.
Price: $449.00 

FedEx Tracking Report for AspDotNetStorefront

Report that generates order tracking information for FedEx shipped orders.
Price: $260.00 

Gross Profit Report for AspDotNetStorefront

Report that generates Gross Profit figures on your Products.
Price: $195.00 

What Other Products People are Browsing for AspDotNetStorefront

Do you want to know which of your products people are browsing based on another product?
Price: $215.00 

Inventory Report for AspDotNetStorefront

An inventory report giving you the overview of all your products.
Price: $245.00 

Product Selling Report for AspDotNetStorefront

Generates a product report with the number of sold units per item since a determined date.
Price: $180.00 

Customer Orders Report for AspDotNetStorefront

A great report for viewing customer order statistics by Category and Website Referrrer.
Price: $235.00 

Low Stock/Inventory Report for AspDotNetStorefront

Make sure you have what your customers need by staying on top of your inventory. This report allows you to identify what products are low in inventory and how many approximate days left of stock you have.
Price: $225.00 

Orders Referral Report for AspDotNetStorefront

Use this report to monitor your SEO results. See all the referrals of your Orders in your cart.
Price: $180.00 

Customer Level Order Report for AspDotNetStorefront

This modification gives you the ability to generate and review a report comprising sales figures and orders based on specified customer level.
Price: $175.00 
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