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Dealer/Distributor Locator for AspDotNetStorefront

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Use this handy Dealer/Distributor Locator for AspDotNetStorefront to help customers locate your dealers.
No Source Code needed!
Dealer/Distributor Locator for AspDotNetStorefront - Modification installed
Price: $300.00 
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Reviews (5/5)
Very handy and smart distributor and dealer locator:
  • Asks user for their location, can use Zip Code or State/City
  • Runs from your Distributor data
  • Gives the user the ability to map the dealer from their location
  • Fully customizable with styles
See a demo of this add-on here and try 85050 as the zip.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:My client would like to know if a few things are customizable on this add-on. Please note that this is a Version 8 ASPDNSF store, if that makes a difference! 1. Anywhere on the public side that says "Dealer" they would like to replace with the term "Sales Rep" 2. They'd like to hide the "Map it" link and only display the contact info after entering a zip or state 3. Since they have non-US offices, they'd like to add country as a selection option to find a sales rep (in addition to zip and state, which is already available in the add-on). 4. The only contact info they want to show is name, email and phone - no other fields. Finally, the client plans to upgrade to ASPDNSF 9.x within the year, so would like to know if there would be an additional fee to upgrade this add-on once the store itself is upgraded. Thanks! Annette - Annette (01/22/2014)
Response:Thank you, for 1) It's an XmlPackage for the output so this won't be an issue to change - find/replace 2) Same with above, it could be hidden 3) this can always be added as it uses the Google maps, but would be custom 4) hiding fields goes back to 1+2 so no worries there. With the upgrading, if we customize it for you, we can make it work on MSx cart as well when upgrading.
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