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Bulk Product Updater for AspDotNetStorefront

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If you have a large number of product changes you would like to make via an Excel file, this is the add-on for you.
No Source Code needed!
Bulk Product Updater for AspDotNetStorefront - Modification installed
Price: $549.00 
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Reviews (5/5)
Do you want a more efficient way to update your products? If you prefer to work in Excel and then upload your updates at once, this add-on allows you to map data directly from an excel spreadsheet to the database column by column.

Features included are:
  • Complete updating of product or variant (all fields included).
  • Fully dynamic recognition of spreadsheet and its columns - upload ANY excel and choose what you want to update in the cart
  • Automatically recognizes columns in spreadsheet and preselects mapping
  • Choice of identifier column (ID, SKU, Name..) on product and variant
  • Backlog of spreadsheets used for later access - you can upload your Excel or FTP it up into images directory and just choose to use it instead
  • Full output of executed SQL and result log
An EXCELLENT tool and help for any cart administrator who has to maintain large quantities of product data.

NOTE: Always remember to backup your database before making updates!

Fields available:
Product Name
Product Summary
Product Description
Product MiscText
Product ExtensionData
Product SETitle
Product SKU
Product ManufacturerPartNumber
Product SEDescription
Product SEKeywords
Product Published
Product Deleted
Product RelatedProducts
Product UpsellProducts
Product PageSize
Product XMLPackage
Product ImageFilenameOverride
Product HidePriceUntilCart
Product UpsellProductDiscountPercentage
Product RelatedProducts
Product SalesPromptID
Product Extension Data
Product Extension Data 2-5
Product SpecCall
Variant Name
Variant Description
Variant SEKeywords
Variant SEDescription
Variant Colors
Variant ColorSKUModifiers
Variant Sizes
Variant SizeSKUModifiers
Variant Price
Variant SalePrice
Variant MSRP
Variant Cost
Variant Weight
Variant SKUSuffix
Variant ManufacturerPartNumber
Variant Dimensions
Variant Inventory
Variant IsShipSeparately
Variant MinimumQuantity
Variant Published
Variant ImageFilenameOverride
Variant DisplayOrder
Variant Deleted
Variant FreeShipping
Variant ExtensionData
Variant ExtensionData 2-5
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:Which Excel version(s) does this support? - No Name (02/08/2013)
Response:This add-on supports the Excel 2003 and less (.xls) format.
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