Security on the web is more important than ever. HTTPS ensures that the connection to your website is private and secure to prevent eavesdropping, tampering and identity theft. While HTTPS is important for all websites, particularly for web-based businesses like ecommerce, keeping your customers' sensitive information private and secure is a must.

Secure websites have other benefits as well. In addition to general security for your website and your customers, HTTPS is a positive factor in Google search rankings. Further still, HTTPS-enabled websites can take advantage of the newest version of the HTTP protocol, HTTP/2, for potential performance benefits as well.

HTTPS & Web Browsers

As a part of the increasing trend toward a more secure web, web browsers continue to make the distinction between secure HTTPS websites and non-secure websites clearer to the user. For example, starting with version 68 newer versions of Google's popular Chrome web browser include a more prominent "Not secure" indicator in the address bar for sites that are not using HTTPS. As the difference between secure and non-secure websites become more noticeable to the user, this can have an adverse effect on customer confidence for non-secure sites.

HTTPS & AspDotNetStorefront

In most cases, if your ecommerce business runs the powerful ASPDotNetStorefront shopping cart platform, your website is already using HTTPS and offers a secure and private browsing and sales process for your customers. In some cases however, you may need to take an extra step to ensure full-time HTTPS.

The HTTPS Always modification from Compunix provides a patch for MSx versions of the AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart, keeping your ecommerce website running on HTTPS at all times. While version 10 cart system includes the full-time HTTPS feature built-in, this simple patch adds the same feature to the MSx version.

Given the critical importance of security and privacy on the web, taking the necessary steps to ensure HTTPS privacy and encryption is a small investment with a big return for your business. If your ecommerce website runs the MSx version of the AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart, add the HTTPS Always patch today.