As an ecommerce storeowner, you probably live and breathe with a goal to get traffic to your product pages every hour and maybe even every minute. If your store is your bread and butter, then this traffic must also convert. You know that in order to do this, your must provide informative and inviting product descriptions, high quality images, a detailed product feed to shopping engines and objective third party reviews and ratings.

Did you know that beginning October 23, 2014 Google will only show product ratings on Product Listing Ads for merchants that send Google their product reviews directly in a feed? Storeowners who want to continue showing ratings in the form of stars and review counts on their Product Listing Ads must take action with Google. Although there is no deadline to participate in product ratings, Google highly recommends that to increase your chance of showing product ratings in time for the holiday season, you act before the month of October.

But I don’t think I need to provide product reviews…

Still wondering if this applies to you? If you're not providing product review to Google, you're missing out the powerful opportunity to drive traffic toy your site. You’re missing out on the opportunity to boost your appearance in search results and you’re missing the chance to convert shoppers into buyers!

How is my store missing sales conversions?

Objective third-party reviews can increase sales on ecommerce websites because shoppers have a chance to see what products will work best. Providing shoppers with more information and a broader range of unbiased opinions helps them make decisions during the purchase process. The more reviews and ratings you have for your products, the more confident your customers become and this means more sales for you.

The Compunix Google Reviews Feed for AspDotNetStorefront add-on ensures your products are eligible to display product ratings on Google. With this Google Product Reviews Feed, you can send your customer's product reviews directly to Google Shopping, in real-time. The add-on pulls all the information Google needs to display your customer’s reviews. It’s that easy. All you need to do is give your Google account Representative the installed URL (to the plugin) and you are ready to go.
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