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Product Reviews and Ratings Module for AspDotNetStorefront

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Obtain and solicit invaluable, full product ratings and reviews for your products with a new ratings module. Reviews and Ratings for AspDotNetStorefront includes multiple questions, a groups rating engine, automated review request emails and much more.
No Source Code needed!
Product Reviews and Ratings Module for AspDotNetStorefront - Modification installed
Price: $510.00 
Product Reviews and Ratings Module for AspDotNetStorefront - Additional domain service
Price: $220.00 
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Increase online sales with product reviews
Objective third-party reviews and ratings can increase sales on ecommerce websites because shoppers have a chance to see what products will work best. Reviews, even negative ones, can help establish credibility and trust with your potential customers. When people have more information and a broader range of unbiased opinions to pull from, it helps them decide on a potential purchase. The more ratings that are listed for your products, the more confident your customers become and that means more sales for you!

Product reviews can boost Search Engine Optimization efforts
User generated content in the form of reviews often uses the same words and phrases entered in search engines by shoppers thus increasing the chance of ranking well for long tail key terms. Search engines love fresh content which is exactly what product reviews provide. The more product reviews you have posted on your site, the more relevant and updated content you provide to search engines.

Understand your customer's tastes and preferences
Reviews provide feedback that you can use. More reviews means more conversions, and these discussions allow you to gain direct knowledge and feedback from your customers. With this information you can make informed business decisions about the products you sell and your target market.

Our robust Product Reviews and Rating for AspDotNetStorefront can help. Just check out some of the key features listed below:
  • The ability to setup multiple questions/star ratings per review
    • You can have some products asking about the Quality, Value, Overall Satisfactions; other products could drill down to specifics like Ease of Installation, Fit and Finish, Handyman skills etc
  • The ability to setup different rating groups which can be assigned to different products
    • You can setup unlimited question/rating groupings and assign them to different products
  • An automatic "x days after order is placed" review email to remind customers to write a product review
    • Using an enhanced version of our very popular Product Auto Review add-on to email out customers
  • The email feature includes the links to the specific products customer's ordered, etc.
    • Emails will contain placeholders for live/real data
    • Topic based emails allowing you full HTML and style control
    • Customer is linked to a dedicated Rating/Review page for the product (see last alternate image)
  • The ability to validate reviews before posting
    • For every submitted review, the admin is notified and given the chance to review/publish the review
  • A robust admin manager for seeing review activity and all product reviews

Unlike other third party reviewing systems where you pay monthly fees and never own your reviews, with the Compunix's Product Reviews and Ratings add-on, you always own your reviews as they are stored in your cart's database…and no recurring costs!

Best of all, because this plugin doesn't use JavaScript for displaying reviews, the reviews are indexable by crawlers and good for SEO!

See how our Reviews and Rating for AspDotNetStorefront looks:
Category page
Product page 1
Product page 2
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:Where would you enter your reviews & ratings questions? - Renae (04/23/2014)
Response:In the Admin Management page as pictured in the alternate images above, you can define a "question" Group which is assigned to products, and then when you edit that Group you can add/edit the questions (see 3rd alternate image) there.
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