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RMA - Order Returns for AspDotNetStorefront

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RMA adds easy processing of order returns for your customers, a functionality critical for a successful ecommerce shopping cart.
No Source Code needed!
RMA - Order Returns for AspDotNetStorefront - Modification installed
Price: $400.00 
RMA - Order Returns for AspDotNetStorefront - Additional domain service
Price: $130.00 
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Allow customers the ease of processing their returns online, quickly and efficiently.
RMA- Order Returns adds additional return processing pages to your site allowing customers to choose their order and process the return directly on the site. Customers will receive a receipt confirming that the return has been processed and the appropriate information will be recorded in the admin panel for your own customer service records.

Features Include:

  • Ability to return individual items per order
  • Allows users to specify the quantity per line item
  • Ability to specify reasoning and additional notes per item being returned
  • Convenient customer "receipt" which they can print and include in return
  • Customer and Admin email notification of each RMA submission
  • RMA works with all of the information in your order database
Our RMA - Order Returns add-on includes:
  • A Single domain license
  • Admin management allowing order returns to be viewed and processed
  • Made to handle thousands of orders
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:Our client only wants the ability to return an item for 30 days afterward they cannot return an item. Is this possible to setup with this plugin. - Paul (01/19/2015)
Response:Hello Paul, out of the box the plugin does not limit the orders available for returns, but that would be an easy update which we could do for you.
Question:Are the "Reasons" shown in the drop down editable within the Admin site? - Robert (04/02/2014)
Response:Due to the dynamic nature, they aren't pulled out into AppConfigs BUT it's very easy to modify them via the aspx file it has...line 49 if you like ;-)
Question:Presumably it won’t work with anonymous orders? Does processing the RMA return the relevant items to stock? - Tony (04/02/2014)
Response:1) Correct, the user will need to "login" first to submit, so anonymous users will need a password assigned first (made into full account). 2) No, stock levels is post processing activity where the admin must decide what to do with the returned item as it might be defective/destroyed etc...
Question:Will this module allow you to return individual quantities of each item ordered? - Andrian (04/02/2014)
Response:Yes, let's say you ordered 3 of item X and want to return 1 or 2 for being defective...this RMA add-ons allows you to do that yes.
Question:Will this work with the latest release Ver 9.4.1? - Robert (04/02/2014)
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