Loyalty Rewards Program for AspDotNetStorefront

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Reward loyal customers and promote repeat business with loyalty gift cards! Customizable to fit a variety of applications and loyalty programs for your ecommerce business.
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Loyalty Rewards Program for AspDotNetStorefront - Modification installed
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Loyalty Rewards Program for AspDotNetStorefront - Additional domain service
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Customer loyalty is an important factor for long-term business success and rewarding your customers with incentives, discounts and bonuses is a great way to promote repeat business! Our Loyalty Rewards Program add-on for the AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart makes it easy to give back! Automatically generate gift cards and manage a variety of options - set a flat rate or percentage of purchases, select required products, expiration dates and more!

Flexible for a variety of applications with configurable options:

  • Percentage or flat amount rewards
  • Variable rewards based on spending history and totals
  • Dynamic calculation of order history and totals (all, current only and dynamic)
  • Optional required products to activate rewards
  • Optional loyalty gift card expiration date
  • Enhanced logging and detailed Admin Report
  • Receipt integration with gift card balance

- strictlydiesel.com
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:Are the any limits to the reward levels? How are those setup? - Dan (10/31/2013)
Response:There are 2 main ways the rewarding can work: 1) get X for every Y spent (customer is rewarded, let's say, $5 for every $100 spent) or 2) get X% for every order where the X is determined by the Y spent over all orders. With the percent based rewards, you can setup as many levels as you like ($0-100 gets 1%; 101-100 gets 3% etc). The rewarding is very flexible.
Question:Are the reward totals calculated based on Order Subtotal or Total? - Renae (10/31/2013)
Response:The rewards are calculated based on the Sub Total of the orders, so it excludes taxes and shipping charges for accuracy.
Question:How long to the rewards take to appear/activate? - Renae (10/31/2013)
Response:They are instant and real time.
Question:What information is show on the Admin report? - Renae (10/31/2013)
Response:The admin report is a complete report showing you all the giftcard information, the Customer's order totals with statistics, and also a full log of the add/gifting on the giftcard and their transactions.
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