Single Sign-Ons for AspDotNetStorefront (SSO)

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Boost sales conversion, promote customer loyalty and simplify the shopping experience by letting your customers use their Google and Facebook logins on your site!
No Source Code needed!
Single Sign-Ons for AspDotNetStorefront (SSO) - Modification installed
Price: $1,400.00 
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Installation (reinstall) : Choose this option to have your add-on reinstalled. : $399.00

A great added feature for any ecommerce business, the Google & Facebook Single Sign On add-on makes checkout and customer account management simple, easy and fast. With hundreds of millions of active Facebook and Google accounts, it's easy to see how this plugin can make a big impact on sales conversion and customer loyalty - allow your customers to use their Facebook or Google logins to purchase on your site!

Typical internet users have any number online services and accounts to manage - email, online banking, and social networking, to name just a few. Offering the option for customers to avoid the inconvenience of creating another new account and login is an important selling point and a value that will return to your ecommerce business in the form of easier sales and long-term customer relationships.

Want to know more about Single Sign On's? See here for details on this technology.

See our Google & Facebook Single Sign On add-ons in action here:

What our clients are saying:

"We saw an instant increase in sales once the Single Sign On was deployed on our website. The final result was a seamless integration with our existing look and feel, and we couldn't be more pleased with both the professionalism of Compunix and the plugin."   - Bryan Kava @

"The Compunix SSO is an asset no ecommerce should be without it in today's social environment. Utilizing single sign-on enhances user experience by maximizing time spent shopping and less time filling out mundane new user account forms. We all understand the need to reduce user clicks which grants us with higher conversion rates. On top of it, the SSO eliminates users from forgetting their password, typing long email/fake emails which in turn provides high quality email data for additional marketing campaigns. Let's not forget social login is familiar and creates universal credentials. It's a win, win! For the price, time and the attention of the highly trained Compunix team, it's a must purchase tool. We rate it with 5 teacups."   - Steve Popec @

Frequently Asked Questions
Question:How do I request params while login with facebook using Compunix SSO? Due to fb api update it's only giving ID and name for first name, email etc.. We need to pass parameters manually. Please respond as soon as possible - Hareesh (06/22/2016)
Response:Hareesh, the data sent back from FB is dictated directly by their API so additional information might not be available due to their security and individual privacy policy... please contact me at and we can explore the possibilities.
Question:What are the limitations installation wise? - Richard (09/26/2013)
Response:Each customer has installation options for locations, but typical installation is in the header with 3 login options (cart, Facebook, Google) or on the cart's sign-in page with Facebook and Google icons.
Question:Another question I have is are there any security concerns or considerations with this plugin? - Marie (09/26/2013)
Response:Our SSO plugins interact securely via https connections to the respective service APIs. The APIs themselves are very secure and managed by Google and Facebook.
Question:Hi, what information is being pulled or shared from Facebook and Google? - Marie (09/26/2013)
Response:We only have access to the information Facebook and Google API allows. With that said, each service is different but we always retrieve the First Name, Last Name, and Email.
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