Effective marketing for your ecommerce business can take any number of forms. Never more true than with the web platform, tools and resources like blogs, online workshops and e-books (not to mention social media!) make it easier than ever to reach out and connect with potential customers.

These methods reflect and respond to an evolving consumer base that wants to be more informed about product options than ever before. Harnessing marketing and communication resources that can give your customers more opportunity for product education is great for your brand, which translates to a long-term impact on your bottom line.

Often the more direct and personal the connection you can make with your customers, the more credibility and loyalty you stand to gain through the interaction. Along with social media, email blasts and loyalty programs, direct Q&A is a great way to connect with your market. A customer may have a question that isn’t answered in the product description or they may have a special need they want to address more specifically.

Fielding questions by email or over the phone can work, but what if you could integrate the process right on your ecommerce site? What if you could harness the value of those questions and answers to create a base of product information directly addressing the needs of real customers and even organize those questions and answers by product?

The Compunix FAQ/Q&A add-on puts the power of direct customer Q&A to work, integrated right on your product pages. Simple for customers to use and easy to manage from your shopping cart admin control panel, it couldn’t be easier to field questions about your products and help customers get just what they need.

Creating A Valuable Customer Resource

The FAQ/Q&A add-on gives your customers a simple and easy-to-use resource to find answers to their questions, but this powerful add-on doesn’t stop there! The FAQ/Q&A add-on takes the Q&A platform a step further, applying those questions to create a dynamic, continually-updated FAQ for each product that becomes more helpful to your customers with every question asked and answered.

Complete Integration With Product Pages

Built right into your product pages, the FAQ/Q&A add-on become a seamless part of the shopping experience. Customers can review common questions, see what others have inquired about or ask their own question. This add-on is great for customer confidence as well - customers love knowing that an answer to their question is just a few clicks away!

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