Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)/Questions and Answers for AspDotNetStorefront

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Give customers the help they need with a question and answer interface built right into your product pages. Also great for search engine visibility (SEO), it’s never been easier to manage product FAQs and answer customers’ questions directly.
No Source Code needed!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)/Questions and Answers for AspDotNetStorefront - Modification installed
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Even with plenty of great product information, customers may have additional questions or need help with unique product applications. The Frequently Asked Questions/Question & Answer add-on from Compunix is a simple and versatile solution to connect with your customers and respond to their product-related inquiries directly, right on the relevant product page.

This add-on lets you quickly and easily create an unlimited number of product-specific FAQs and makes managing questions for any particular product easy. Simply log in as an administrator to answer, delete and manage questions directly from the relevant product page. Questions can even be edited to improve clarity and make both questions and responses more useful for other customers.

With each question asked and answered, you’re not only creating a stronger FAQ, but a product-specific forum to interact with your customers and improve credibility. The FAQ/Q&A add-on is also a simple tool to improve search engine (SEO) visibility with additional keywords and frequently updated content. In addition to eye-catching shadowbox effects, this add-on includes full CSS control for custom styling to match the look of your site.

  • Support for unlimited FAQs and Replies/Follow Up questions
  • Admin management allowing answering Questions, Edit/Delete and Publish
  • Questions are dated and authored
  • Nesting and multiple levels of questions/answers supported
  • Automated emailing on questions, answers, replies
  • Full CSS support and easy styling via XmlPackages
  • Improve your site's SEO!

Live examples:

- used on this site, see here


Frequently Asked Questions
Question:When I try to ask a question in FireFox the screen goes dim and nothing happens. Is this something that can be fixed? I am very interested in this product and the new sale price but obviously want it to work accross all browsers - Dan (03/08/2013)
Response:I just tested in Firefox and a popup window (in the middle of the dim screen) did show for me. What version of Firefox are you on? Can you try in IE or Chrome? It should be ok in all browsers.
Question:This is an example of how a question from an account user will appear - Renae (03/04/2013)
Response:This is an example of how the response from the Admin user will appear
Question:Here is how a follow-up question would appear - Renae (03/04/2013)
Response:Here is how the follow-up response would appear
Question:If there is yet another question to be asked, it will appear as another level within the questions and responses. - Renae (03/04/2013)
Response:As you can see, the account users 3 questions along with each response appear as multiple levels.
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