Maintaining a blog is a great way to improve visibility to search engines.

A blog is a great marketing tool for any business. Your blog can help to establish and maintain credibility with your customers, offer helpful information, and also associate your products as solutions to problems in your industry. Your blog can also be a great resource to support your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

Particularly as search engines continue to lend more weight to keyword-related content, a blog has become a great way to improve your site’s search engine ranking and develop domain strength for a wider variety of keywords. Search engines also lend importance to fresh and regularly updated content, making a blog a great marketing tool all around!


While your existing website and product descriptions likely contain some relevant keywords, your blog puts your keyword phrase targeting into hyperdrive! Even with relatively short articles, adding new posts to your blog can really add up month after month, adding dozens of naturally-occurring keywords and phrases in the process. Your blog is also a great opportunity to not only increase the quantity of keywords, but also expand on the breadth of keyword terms that may apply to your industry.


Each additional blog post you add to your site also adds a relevant additional content page, with a keyword-relevant URL, links to other related blog posts and products, and of course all the keyword text that comes with it. As search engine index and rank these additional pages, your site as a whole will gain domain strength and overall relevance to your target keywords.


As with adding additional keyword-rich content pages to your site, with each blog post you’re also adding relevant links and link text that create an on-site network of pages and related information that search engines will recognize and factor into the way your site is displayed in search results. Ample and useful links within your blog and website are also useful for visitors to explore related pages and products.

And as the golden rule of SEO goes - if it’s good for users is good for SEO!