Oracle Punchout for AspDotNetStorefront

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Integrate your ecommerce business with a more robust fulfillment infrastructure with our Oracle Punchout.
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Oracle Punchout for AspDotNetStorefront
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The Oracle Punchout add-on for AspDotNetStorefront integrates your ecommerce business checkout with an external portal like PeopleSoft and iProcurement. Perfect for connecting your ecommerce business with a more robust fulfillment infrastructure, Oracle Punchout makes the process simple and easy.

Once the process begins, communication with the punchout system is setup and the customer begins shopping normally. When the customer is ready to checkout, all the necessary information is sent back to the portal through the punchout system and the order is completed.

Shopping remains on your ecommerce site and the checkout process is consolidated with the remote system.

Once the order is closed on the remote system's side, a final cXML punchout back to the cart will create the order in the cart as well (if system supported).

Supported Punchout systems include, but not limited to:
- PeopleSoft eProcurament
- Oracle iProcurament
- Ariba
- Epicor
- Infor
- SciQuest
- etc

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Frequently Asked Questions
Question:Does the punchout only use 1 customer record setup in the cart? - Renae (10/16/2013)
Response:The Punchout integration creates unique customer records for each punchout and allows functionality like Wishlist saving etc.
Question:What is the general flow of the punchout in this modification? - Renae (10/16/2013)
Response:This is a good question, thank you: 1. Punch-out is initiated from external punchout/Oracle portal 2. Customer is sent to our cart where cookies/identifiers/settings are setup 3. Customer starts shopping the cart 4. When the customer is ready to checkout, all information and data is sent back to portal via punch-out
Question:Do the shopping cart modifications for the Punchout affect customers shopping without punchout (regular customers)? - Renae (10/16/2013)
Response:No, the modifications activate only for those doing punchout.
Question:Can you give me a little bit more information on how the process works using this add-on? Can the customers store wishlists? Do they get logged in as an aspdotnetstorefront user when their sign-in is completed? Can I assign alternative pricing for them? Can I have multiple users using the feature simultaneously? Thank You - chana (06/10/2013)
Response:Please see above answers for the process flow and wishlist. The way it's built it allows for independent customer account features. Since each punchout user has their own account, they can have different pricing etc just like regular cart user. Yes, you can have multiple users punching out at same time if the Punchout backend supports it.
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