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Add freight shipping options integrated right into your existing checkout process.
No Source Code needed! Integration for AspDotNetStorefront - MultiStore and v10
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Quan: Integration for AspDotNetStorefront - Additional domains : multiple licenses
Price: $650.00 
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Extending the functionality of our Freight API Shipping Integrations, the modification is a must for ecommerce businesses that need more specialized freight shipping options. This easy modification seamlessly integrates with your existing shopping cart and adds to the standard FedEx, UPS and USPS package rates with’s nearly unlimited freight shipping options. The Integration modification makes it easy for your ecommerce business to accomodate large, heavy, palet and multi-package products. During checkout, customers can compare and choose from a variety of freight carriers including LTL, Truck Load, Groupage and Haulage - just like the cart’s standard RTShipping rates.

Since FreightQuote API requires the multiple packages per product ability for maximum functionality, which is not standard in the AspDotNetStorefront cart, this integration now includes our Multiple Packages per Product shipping modification!

Our API integration now also includes the ability to specify multiple shipping address origins and warehouses and ability to specify/overload the shipping cost upcharge/markup per carrier service type!

Note: this is on top of the/in addition to the distributor based origin shipping already supported! Our FreightQuote API integration has the extended functionality to allow it to choose between the closest/least expensive shipping location origin/warehouse you put in (for the customer's shipping address)!

Freight examples in action:
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:How to you handle upgrades from What happens if changes their API? - Joe (02/04/2015)
Response:Hello Joe, we do try to keep up with the API changes here, so if there is a new release/update, we try to upgrade to it ASAP. Typically, all you would need to do is just download our latest core code file...
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