Harnessing the largely visual nature of the web platform, a banner rotator is a simple, flexible and effective addition to any page on your site. Often used as a prominent feature on the homepage or main section pages, a rotator element can be used in all variety of sizes to highlight your brand message and present important content to your customers.

Impact On Two Fronts
A banner rotator makes a great visual statement for two reasons. The first is the use of imagery and design to reinforce your brand message. Whether used as a supplement to existing content or as a larger focal piece on your homepage, banner rotators are often intentionally more visual than surrounding content, catching the eye and making a strong, clear statement.

Secondly, the rotation between slides - sometimes with animation effects - draws focus to the content you want your customers to see most. Rotating between multiple slides is also a great way to include additional content within a limited space and without expanding the layout the page.

Not sure where you can use a rotator on your site? Below are the most commonly effective types of banners and slideshows you can integrate into your existing website.

Homepage Focal Banner
Because it’s the first page most customers see, the homepage of your website is a great opportunity to make a strong, clear statement about your brand and your product. A homepage banner rotator should include a few simple slides to get customers clicking around your site and learning about your products:
Brand Identification
Often designed to be the first thing that potential customers see, this slide makes a clear statement describing what your website, brand or product is all about. A concise, descriptive statement followed by a more detailed (but still brief) explanation with supporting graphics is an effective formula to clearly convey your message.
Flagship Products
A slide that calls special attention to your most popular or significant products can make the difference between a successful sale and an unconverted visit to your site. Showcasing a specific product example that reflects the brand message established in the first slide can prompt visitors to explore products in more detail.
Special Deals
Everyone likes a good deal. Highlighting clearance products, free or discounted shipping options, limited time offers or other benefits can encourage site visitors to browse product options right away and lend of sense of urgency that can help lead to a purchase.
Even with a highly visual format like a banner rotator, quality should always be the basis of any content you add to your website. Presenting useful, well-organized information in an appealing style will always outperform empty visual flash.
Sidebar Callout
If your website includes a sidebar or another similar layout element, adding a rotator to that space can act as a mini-focal banner drawing interest to related content. A rotator is also a simple solution to instantly revitalize existing content. Replacing a single static content element with a rotator will show your customers more content in the same screen space. Displaying additional links and increasing exposure to products is always a good ideal for sales!

An Easy, Feature-Packed Rotator For Your AspDotNetStorefront Shopping Cart
One of the most popular add-ons from Compunix is the jQuery Banner Rotator. Easily add an eye-catching and engaging rotator to any page in your shopping cart right from your admin interface. Customizable to fit the design of your existing site, our rotator add-on also features the option to include any type of HTML content - text, images, graphics, videos and more!

If you have an ecommerce business based on the AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart, the jQuery Banner Rotator add-on is a quick solution to make your site more engaging and interactive for your customers. Explore more of the customization options available and see live examples of the Compunix jQuery Banner Rotator.
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