Getting your message to the right people is the key to successful online marketing. While social media has quickly become a popular resource to connect with customers and develop your brand, email newsletters can be a valuable extension of your online marketing campaign as well. For ecommerce businesses, integrating your newsletter system with your shopping cart can make a powerful combination.

Staying In Touch
Reaching out to potential customers with social media is a great way to create and expand customer relationships and email newsletters can go along way to maintain that connection. Particularly as the marketing climate of your industry evolves, staying on your customers’ radar is important. By staying in touch with effective email newsletters, your brand and your products will be first on their list when they’re ready for help, need information or are in the market for a product solution.

A Complete Package
Email newsletters and social media play a similar role in your overall marketing campaign, so why use both? The short answer is diversity. Online marketing is about reaching your customers on their terms. Just as you might maintain profiles and create posts on several social networking sites, your email newsletter campaign is another opportunity to interact and communicate with your customers on the platform they prefer.

Because customers are more likely to connect with your business using a communication platform they’re already comfortable with and use regularly, offering a choice will be more effective in gaining total followers and subscribers across platforms. Even for customers who follow your brand through social media, newsletters are a great supplement to your online marketing campaign.

Content Is Key
The modern marketplace includes a customer base that’s more independent and savvy than ever. Rather than accepting information in advertisements, customers are looking for reliable, detailed information to formulate their own conclusions about a product. At best, an empty sales pitch or flimsy content will be disregarded as unhelpful, and at worst ignored altogether as spam.

This means that the message you present can make or break your connection with customers. Email newsletters that inform and engage your customers will not only garner the best immediate response, but also represent an important investment in the long-term credibility of your brand. Newsletters that fail to genuinely engage your subscribers will be a nuisance to customers and an ineffective marketing vehicle for your business.

Quick Tip
A tried and true formula for effective email newsletters uses three simple steps: (1) Offer a simple but useful piece of information relevant to your customers needs, (2) relate that information to one or more of your products, and (3) present a special offer, promotion, or limited offer to encourage action. Don’t forget to make links in your newsletters obvious and prominent. After all, the ultimate purpose of your email newsletters is to drive quality traffic to your online business.

Email Marketing Integration
If you run an ecommerce business, your shopping cart is an incredible opportunity to improve the size and quality of your subscriber list. To help harness this opportunity, our MailChimp add-on features the option to add subscribers directly from new and existing account pages as well as from the checkout page - all at the click of a button. Our MailChimp Email Marketing Integration add-on seamlessly joins your AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart and your email newsletter campaign for maximum marketing impact. If you’re developing an email marketing campaign, this addition to your ecommerce system will be a valuable tool to keep your customers up to date.

Getting Started
Need a simple but powerful email newsletter system for your ecommerce business? Packed with a long list of real-world features, MailChimp is one of the most powerful and flexible email marketing platforms and includes plans for every budget (including free!). Manage subscribers, send professional email newsletters and even generate custom signup forms for your website. Getting started is easy - you’ll be adding subscribers and sending great looking email newsletters in no time!