InnestoNuke – AspDotNetStorefront / DotNetNuke Content Management System Connector

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An extension for DotNetNuke Content Management System that allows DotNetNuke to be used with AspDotNetStorefront in a way that is seamless for the end-user.
No Source Code needed!
InnestoNuke – AspDotNetStorefront / DotNetNuke Content Management System Connector - Modification installed
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DotNetNuke and AspDotNetStorefront, Together Forever.
A Powerful Combination for the Serious E-commerce Merchant.

For years, AspDotNetStorefront (ASPDNSF) and DotNetNuke (DNN) have been the two biggest names in ASP.Net technologies for e-commerce and content management. InnestoNukeTM brings the two permanently together, giving online merchants a professionally supported DotNetNuke shopping cart plus reliable, enterprise quality content management. The ASP.Net experts at Brilliance Business Solutions created the InnestoNuke™ DotNetNuke extension to unite these two popular platforms seamlessly for years to come, while still maintaining each program's separate code base.

InnestoNuke™ Features – Connecting DotNetNuke and AspDotNetStorefront

Shared Login Shoppers can enter your DotNetNuke portal and browse your store without needing to log in again and vice-versa. In fact, they’ll never know they made the transition.

Change Password

Users who change their password in DotNetNuke find it’s also changed within AspDotNetStorefront, and vice-versa.

Shared Admin Privileges

Gain a site administrator role in DotNetNuke and you’re automatically an Admin in AspDotNetStorefront.

Shared Membership Configuration

Application variables within AspDotNetStorefront configure the membership settings for both DNN and ASPDNSF.

Forgot Password

Shoppers who forget their password can reset using a generated email link from both DNN and ASPDNSF.

InnestoNuke TM Utilities

Items such as skin tokens for the User Login and Account functions and scheduled tasks offer a seamless transition between DNN and ASPDNSF.

DotNetNuke Provides Powerful Functionality

700,000+ websites are powered by DotNetNuke to deliver an extensive content management framework set right out of the box. Here are a few key reasons it’s the favorite content management platform for thousands of users:

Content Management System

Powerful web content management capabilities allow developers and site administrators focus on delivering optimal solutions to meet their unique business requirements rather than coding a custom content management system. The DotNetNuke ASP.NET CMS allows users to easily create pages, add or customize page elements, upload and display files, change the look and feel of their web site, or carry out any common web site administration or content management task.

DotNetNuke Extension Apps

A broad range of DotNetNuke apps can be used to provide additional functionality. Free apps are available for powerful features such as discussions, blogs, FAQs, Wiki, and more. The apps can be grouped to form complete public web site, extranet, or intranet pages and can be easily added to, edited, deleted, restored, moved on a page, or transferred to other pages. Apps are available from commercial vendors on the DotNetNuke Store or for free download from the DotNetNuke Extensions Forge.

File management

Administrators can upload files directly from their computers. Uploaded files are instantly available for use on the site and are also listed in a module that handles documents and file downloads

Security roles and protected content

Administrators can define and assign roles for different user groups such as registered users, subscribers, content providers, affiliates, and media. They can then grant access and editing rights for each group. Rights can be assigned to an entire site, a single page, or to an individual module on a specific page. Individual users may belong to more than one group. Administrators can also establish separate password-protected areas on their web site to control access.

DotNetNuke Software Versions

DotNetNuke is available in three versions: Community, Professional and Enterprise. You can see a comparison of the three product versions here.

Community Edition

The open source standard for .NET content management systems. Download it now for free!

Professional Edition

Tested and verified version, unlimited technical support, and special features - including content approval and document management for critical applications.

Enterprise Edition

All the benefits of the Professional Edition plus a Microsoft SharePoint Connector and  Content Staging for demanding applications.

To learn more about DotNetNuke, we invite you to view the DotNetNuke 6 product tour.

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