Successfully marketing your ecommerce business is a process of connecting potential customers with the products you sell. While driving traffic to your website is an important first step in the path to sales, making the most of that traffic and increasing sales conversion with on-site tools for advanced search functionality can have powerful bottom line results.

Because online marketing is largely a numbers game, it makes sense that generating traffic is often the focus of online marketing campaigns. Just as a billboard on a busy highway will yield a better result than a similar advertisement on a small side street, simply increasing the number of visitors to your website will likely have a positive effect on sales.

There are a number of ways to draw new traffic to your ecommerce site, but unlike a billboard on the highway, online marketing offers the opportunity to target a specific audience. Attracting potential customers through social media marketing, blogging and search engine optimization will give you a great basis of quality traffic to your website.

But what happens when those visitors land on your site? Regardless of the quantity or quality of traffic your website receives, your marketing campaign should be backed up with a prudent effort to turn website visitors into customers. Increasing sales conversion is a critical step to make the most of your online business and compound every hour and every dollar you invest promoting your online business.

Maximizing sales conversion (sometimes called conversion optimization - akin to search engine optimization) requires tools and enhancements that make navigating your website and exploring product options simple, easy and even fun. While browsing by category is a great opportunity for customers to explore the products you offer and compare related items, one of the best ways to dramatically improve the functionality of your shopping cart and enhance customer experience is with advanced search functionality. Given the option, customers are more likely to search for a product directly than clicking through a series of categories.

High Performance Advanced Search Add-Ons
Because on-site search functionality is such an important step in the path to sales, we’re not surprised that our advanced search products are some of our most popular. We’ve put together the Compunix Search Bundle to give your AspDotNetStorefront ecommerce shopping cart everything your customers need to find the right products fast.

xSearch - Our most powerful advanced search add on! Designed for high traffic loads and extreme product capacity, xSearch simplifies the search process for improved sales conversion.

iSearch - Add customizable filters and let your customers refine search results instantly. iSearch works with all of the information in your product database to filter results based on any data you choose.

tSearch - Our search-as-you-type add-on is the ultimate in ecommerce search efficiency. Customers can see realtime search results as they type and get to the products they want faster than ever!

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