Advanced search tools are a great solution to help customers find what they’re looking for fast and in a variety of search formats. Search boxes, product categories and detailed attribute filtering can direct customers to the right products with just a few clicks. A product finder wizard is an alternative approach to searching, perfect for customers who may still be researching options or who are unsure of which products will meet their needs.

In addition to adding valuable search variety, the wizard search format helps to serve a wider customer audience. For those who know exactly what they’re looking for, an advanced search tool like our search-as-you-type add-on, tSearch, is the perfect solution. Instant, realtime search results are updated with each keystroke and list direct links to matching products. For those customers with some direction but who may want to explore product options, the customizable filters of tSearch refine search results by product attribute. Quick access to closely related or alternative products is a great opportunity for customers to review buying options. But for those customers who prefer to browse products in a more intuitive and potentially less technical context, a wizard is the perfect format.

The Right Tool For The Job
We’ve developed our Product Finder Wizard for AspDotNetStorefront to offer the same dynamic search results as our other powerful search add-ons but in a more intuitive and user-friendly format than typical search boxes and product categories. By answering a few simple questions, customers can browse a selection of products that fit their needs perfectly. We think of our search wizard add-on as both a search interface and a virtual shopping consultant, offering a more individualized and personal experience than typical search methods.

Powered by blazing-fast AJAX technology, selecting one, some, or all of the wizard questions instantly updates a list of relevant products. Selections can be changed on the fly and are automatically updated with each click - the more selections made, the more specific the results. Combining an intuitive interface, instant results and multiple attribute filtering, our search wizard add-on often proves to be the fastest way to find the right product!

Even if your ecommerce shopping cart already includes advanced search tools, our Product Finder Wizard add-on for AspDotNetStorefront is a great supplement to other shopping cart search features and easily integrates with your existing AspDotNetStorefront system. Create questions, select filtering attributes and the wizard system does the rest! Customers can explore your product selection in a whole new way and browse products they might not have found otherwise.

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