Even with a top-notch product and a sharp ecommerce website design, if your customers aren’t able to find what they need you may not be getting the most out of your ecommerce system. The faster and more directly customers can find what they’re looking for, the more likely they are to make a purchase and return in the future. That’s why upgrading your AspDotNetStorefront search system can be one of the most valuable improvements you can make to increase sales conversion.

cSearch for AspDotNetStorefront
Developed by Compunix from the ground up, cSearch vastly improves the user experience of your ecommerce shopping cart system, simplifying the process and dramatically improving sales conversion. Our system makes it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for and find it fast!

Built around the needs of your customers, our advanced search systems deliver your customers directly to the product they’re after, regardless of keyword order or spelling. Searches even automatically include variations of keywords, eliminating any chance that a search won’t be successful. cSearch includes more than a dozen searchable fields built-in and you can add additional fields at anytime. Search statistics are included as well. Track searches by day, keyword and search volume to optimize your customers’ ecommerce experience.

We understand how important usability is to the ecommerce experience, so we’ve engineered cSearch to be fast! Integrated data caching means lightning-fast response and load times, as well as almost instant sorting and filtering by category, manufacturer, price and popularity. Advanced search functions are all handled seamlessly, delivering customers to exactly the product they need and improving customer satisfaction.

Ease Of Use
cSearch is designed for easy integration - no programming knowledge required! Simply replace your existing search system and you’re off and running. If you need to make changes, configuration is a snap through the administrative console.

Our search system includes complete instructions and documentation to make improving your ecommerce site simple, even if you only have a limited knowledge of HTML. Better still, our systems can be added to your site without AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart source code. Need extra help? We can install your search upgrade for you!

More Capacity, More Performance
Optimized for larger ecommerce sites, xSearch takes search functionality further with expanded capacity and enhanced performance and can handle additional traffic loads with ease. xSearch includes all the features of cSearch plus a 200,000+ product capacity, streamlined product indexing, enhanced search accuracy and results sorting by relevance.

Even More Functionality
For even more functionality and a splash of interactivity, tSearch and iSearch are the perfect add-ons to our ecommerce search systems. tSearch displays realtime results as you type with clickable results displayed directly below the search box. iSearch adds additional and customizable filters to your ecommerce search results. Customers can refine results by color, style, size, season or any other product category you’d like.

By displaying only the most relevant results customers are more likely to find just what they need and make a purchase. Built with super-fast AJAX technology, both tSearch and iSearch display updated results almost instantly and help customers get to the products they want faster than ever!

A Complete Solution
All of our AspDotNetStorefront search add-on products are designed to help you make the most of your ecommerce site by giving customers fast and direct access to the products they need. Simple to install and completely customizable for seamless integration into your existing ecommerce system, our search add-ons will give your customers the power and flexibility that will keep them coming back!

Explore our advanced search products in more detail: cSearch, xSearch, tSearch and iSearch