Compunix Search Bundle

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This bundle includes our most popular and powerful AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart search add-ons! Enhance the functionality of your ecommerce site and make it easy for customers to find the right products.
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Compunix Search Bundle - Modification installed
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Converting site traffic into sales requires the right tools to help your customers explore product options and find exactly what they need. Advanced search is a great way to improve the functionality of your ecommerce website and can dramatically enhance customer experience. Our package of high performance search add-ons for your AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart includes all the tools you need to make finding the right products easy and fast.

xSearch - Take your shopping cart search functionality further with the increased capacity and enhanced performance of xSearch. Designed for high traffic loads and extreme product capacity, our top search add-on simplifies the search process for improved sales conversion. Connect your customers with the right products with flexibility and speed.

iSearch - The perfect companion to cSearch, iSearch adds customizable filters to help customers refine search results and quickly find the right product. iSearch works with all of the information in your product database to filter search results based on any data you choose. And with AJAX technology, product listings are updated almost instantly.

tSearch - For even more functionality and a splash of interactivity, our search-as-you-type add-on, is the ultimate in ecommerce search efficiency! Ideal for any type of products, tSearch displays clickable results directly below the search box with keywords highlighted for reference. Customers can see realtime search results as they type and get to the products they want faster than ever!

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