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Export/Import Product Data Utility for AspDotNetStorefront

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Export and Import product and entity mapping data of large size with this Windows Utility and Excel.
No Source Code needed!
Export/Import Product Data Utility for AspDotNetStorefront - Modification installed
Price: $750.00 
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Reviews (5/5)
This robust utility is intended for product data management of large sites with massive amounts of product and product mapping data.

For superior performance to competing products, this import/export utility does NOT use or require the WSI.

Provides easy to use, simple interface where usability is the key.
  • Allows filtering by all entities: Category, Section, Distributors, Manufacturer, Genre and Vector
  • Includes keyword search for additional export filtering
  • Shows data preview on export and import
  • Exports ALL product and variant data
  • Imports ALL product and variant data
  • Exports and Import category xPath data
  • Support importing of new product data as well as updating of existing product data
  • Dynamic lookup of columns during import; does not require all columns to be present
  • Made to run on huge datasets for hours; very robust
Frequently Asked Questions
Question:Which versions of Excel does this support? - Richard (02/11/2013)
Response:This plugin supports both 2003 (xls) and 2007 (xlsx) and newer Excel formats.
Question:Does this utility use the WSI? - Andrian (02/08/2013)
Response:Our Utility does not use the WSI so it does not take up precious resources from your cart. Instead, it communicates directly with the database allowing you to process large data sets for hours or days if needed (all "outside" of the cart).
Question:Does this export allow for importing and creating new categories? - Dan (02/08/2013)
Response:Yes, the Utility allows you to export out the product's category path and also allows you to import with a new/updated category xPath if needed. If the category being imported does not exist in the cart, it will automatically create the category as well as map the product to it.
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